Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Version of the Truth

Near the end of his 2008 Lights in the Sky tour, hailed by critics for its unmatched visual splendor, Trent Reznor had some disappointing news: An official 3-D DVD project had fallen through due to complications with his old recording label.

The Nine Inch Nails message boards lit up. How, the fans asked, could a tour as groundbreaking and stunning as this possibly not be recorded? As they commiserated, one fan asked a different question: Why can't we do it ourselves?

And so on December 13th, 2008, when Nine Inch Nails performed the last show on its Lights in the Sky tour at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, dozens of the band's fans documented the concert.

Three other concerts were mysteriously filmed as well, and on Jan. 7th, 2009, more than 400 GB of video from the Victoria, Portland and Sacramento shows were unofficially released by the band.

That one fan's question has turned into a large-scale project that will culminate in the release of a two-disc torrent/DVD/Blu-Ray release, "Another Version of the Truth: This One's On Us": one disc exclusively with fan footage from the Las Vegas show, and one tour video with the leaked footage. The project group includes professional audio engineers, video editors, DVD authors and designers working in Hollywood, the UK, France, Canada and Australia.

And it's coming... soon. For more on the project, including a video trailer, go to